Uplift Cairns is a locally relevant Community Based Fundraising Platform helping community initiatives reach their goals auspiced by the Sustainability Alliance FNQ

Uplift Cairns is gifted freely and comes with the relevant support to help fund environmentally sound, culturally appropriate and progressive projects for the People of the Cairns Region.

Providing that community groups, social enterprises and or project initiatives of individuals are willing to explore whole systems' syntropic thinking for the benefit of their project, Uplift Cairns can perform many beautiful beneficial functions to help make dreams and fantasies of a more abundant Life-filled future become real. Yes, that is pretty awesome indeed.
 REFLECTING ON: the "Quadrupel Bottom Line"
The intrinsic values of the projects that you see here are the most relevant parts of why Uplift Cairns is hosting them. All projects are carefully curated and appropriated so to maximise the mutual benefits to the greater good of our community and all Life involved.
Uplift Cairns shares a healthy self reflective opportunity to discover more about how Life functions naturally through collaborating, exchanging energy and creating healthy relationships for this.

Raising funds with Uplift Cairns is about exploring Syntropy and relating to oneself, the project and other in a Syntropic way. Seeing the connections, relations and mutually beneficial functions each element performs for others.
In short, it's about co-creating healthy fantasies, that perform healthy functions and being playful with them while following those feelings of what inspires most.
Most relevant still is being really real and willing to navigate all the practical elements and parts of bringing a project to it's full expression.

From within the Realm of Infinite Possibilities: Get in touch if you feel attracted.